Andrew’s Story


At the age of 15, Andrew Stoddart was a star athlete, playing sports like football, track and field and of course soccer. He showed great promise as a quarterback. In an instant our lives changed forever. A young teen taken away from all who loved him. On May 11th, 2015 Andrew was playing soccer in Kintore, Ontario, when he suddenly collapsed without warning. His coach rushed over to find him without vital signs. Parents and bystanders attempted CPR until the fire department arrived with the defibrillator, however, it was tool late for Andrew. He was gone. His heart was healthy. It had just… stopped, and no one knows why. But it’s happening more and more with young athletes. It can happen to anyone. If there had been an AED on site, Andrew may still be here with us.


Even after death, Andrew continues to be an inspiration. Quickly after that tragic day, Andrew’s close friends and family rallied together with a mission to get as many AED’s out in the community as possible, in hopes that no one else will have to go through the agony of losing a child, sibling, cousin, nephew, boyfriend, or friend. Stickers, bracelets, jerseys and shirts for #11forever – His jersey number, have popped up in the community, with proceeds going to the cause. The goal – to see AED’s province-wide, everywhere there is a fire extinguisher, and one day we will. Once we’ve reached that goal – Nationally. Andrew never thought small, so neither will his friends and family. “We need to get these everywhere!” said Cara Schmidt, Andrew’s mom on the day she laid her first born to rest. This will forever be our mission.

Our goal is to have #AEDs located at all sports fields and public places.

To date we have placed more than 70 AEDS in the community.

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